Saturday, December 27, 2014

En Noir

Wearing: Vince Sweater, Style Mafia Set, Proenza Schouler Handbag, Christian Louboutin Pumps.

Hello Loves!
I hope you have all had fun filled holidays. Personally, this is my favorite time of year. The whole family comes to town, lots of food, gifts, and of course I will take any excuse to dress up. This particular outfit I wore to a Christmas Dinner with my best friend. I wore all black ( not surprising ). However, I wanted to point out that it is okay to constantly wear black, in fact I believe it is even more difficult to constantly rock black and make it look unique every time. In this case I went for a pop of color with my pumps, and played around with different materials. The set is bejeweled with beads and some white embroidery that adds a little flare, as well as the sweater V line's white accent. Overall, this look is pretty versatile, it can be worn to dinner, or even a party. I chose to drape the blazer over my shoulders, since well, it is hot here in Miami. But for those of you that are fortunate enough to have some sort of "weather" the blazer could also be worn to give the outfit a completely different feel. Also, I decided to play around a little with the camera settings, hope you enjoy!
<3 Carol

Monday, December 15, 2014

Unexpectedly Classy

Wearing: Theory Long Sleeve Tee, Frame Denim Jeans, Zara Vest, Myca Couture Hat, Prada Flats, Proenza Schouler Handbag, Illesteva Sunnies.

Happy Monday!
I hope you all have been enjoying your holidays! Again, forgive me for disappearing, but the holidays have been quite hectic. But I am back! Now, lets talk fashion and brunch. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I love brunch, or food in general. A couple of weeks ago I went to go check out a restaurant called the Local House on Miami beach, the food was delicious, unfortunately I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture of it, but I recommend it. Not only was the meal delicious but the decor was beyond, it truly feels as though you are in your own little perfectly furnished beach house. However, on to what I was wearing. The weather here in Miami has been pretty great, a little chilly, allowing me to play around and layer. I went for a plain white long sleeve tee, with a vest over. As we all know, I love menswear and vests are very easy to pair with almost anything. I know it is easy for some of you to shy away from it, but it can make any outfit look complete. Imagine how boring the outfit would have been without it! I also love the fact that this particular vest is long, it helps little 5 foot me look a lot taller. The ripped denim makes the outfit a little more casual, and of course to add some color I added that amazing Myca Couture Plum hat. The look overall, was comfortable, yet fashion forward. Hope you all have an amazing day!
<3 Carol

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Somewhere in Brooklyn

Wearing: Zara Crop Top, Saks Leather Jacket, Style Mafia Midi Skirt, Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers, Miu Miu Socks, Proenza Schouler Handbag, Illesteva Sunnies, Catbird Stackable Rings

Hello Loves!
Unfortunately this is my last post about my trip to NYC, this look was on my birthday, thus I just HAD to make it extra fabulous. I am usually not a fan of midi skirts because I am petite so they usually make me look even shorter and I feel even more like an oompa loompa. ( Yes, I said it) However, this particular one from Style Mafia is the absolute perfect length. I paired it with a crop top, leather jacket, and sneakers because I was running around the city, and taking subways. But this skirt can easily be dressed up with a pair of booties, or even a pair of pumps. Also, for those of you that shy away from crops, it can be paired with a graphic tee, or even a basic tee. The skirt really lends itself for various occasions. 
<3 Carol

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Art & The City

Wearing: Style Mafia Set, Janessa Leone Hat Via (Trend Rush), Chloe Boots, Saks Vest, Ralph Lauren Flannel, Proenza Shcouler Handbag.

Hey loves!
So we are continuing with my New York trip. Yes I am still having withdrawls. Let me apologize about the photo overload, but this day we had a lot on the agenda, and plenty that wasn't pictured. We even had brunch in central park, and then headed towards the MoMa, unfortunately, the only pictures I could get were few, due to half of the artists not wanting their art pictured ( guess you all are going to have to make the trip over) I recommend it. After the MoMa we headed over to High line park, the view of the city there is to die. The weather that day was perfect, so I chose to wear the cutest little Stlye Mafia set, that I chose in White BTW for those of you that follow on insta. I paired it with my Chloe booties, added a vest and a Flannel to keep my chest warm, However, for us here in Miami the set is perfect as is, and can even be paired with a pair of heels and it is the perfect brunch outfit, or for those tomboys like myself, a pair of colored sneakers will work perfectly as well. 
Hope you enjoy!
<3 Carol