Monday, August 25, 2014


Wearing: Style Mafia Blouse, Intermix Capris, Christian Louboutin Pumps

Happy Monday!
If there is one thing that I love above all is black and white, specially when it comes to my wardrobe. This look for instance, is very sophisticated, yet fun. Due to the cut of the top, and the length it adds the special flare to the whole ensemble. I am currently obsessed with these trousers, if you were not aware, this length is totally in, I must also add, that for us Miamians it is perfect, since we live in a sauna. Overall, this look is perfect for any occasion, the two seperate pieces can be worn differently, for instance the blouse with a fun skirt, or even a pair of boyfriend jeans. And the trousers, with just about anything, a longer button down for an office appropriate look, or even a crop top for a more daring getup. Enjoy!
<3 Carol

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fall is for Coats

Wearing: Style Mafia Requiem Jacket, Zara Romper, Miu Miu Booties.

Falls in Miami are difficult, mostly because well... We don't exactly have "fall" weather. However, I for one, like dressing the part. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, because I love fall trends. The layering, the coats, the boots, and the colors. So, I have found the perfect coat for my city. It is light, fun, and has a cape feel to it. Everything I need, oh and the color is timeless. I decided to pair it with a white romper, but it can be worn with just about anything in your closet. For instance, with a pair of jeans whichever fit you like, and a plain top would be another to die look. Hope you enjoy, and start looking for that perfect fall coat!
<3 Carol

Monday, August 18, 2014

Breakout the Boots

Wearing: Style Mafia Sheer Equinox Dress, Rag and Bone Hat, Celine Booties, Alexander Wang Bra,  BCBG Shorts, and Vintage Choker

Hey Loves!
Happy Monday, as we all know fall is upon us. Everywhere but Miami the leaves are beginning to change and well of course, the school semester has begun. Although us Miamians don't exactly experience all seasons this look is quite perfect. Here is why: First, because booties are a number one fall staple, second because this sheer dress is light and airy, sheer, and trending. And third because it can be worn in several ways. In my case, I decided to style the dress with my Alexander Wang bra, and little black shorts because lets face it, this era is embracing showing a little more. I added my hat because we all know that I have a weird craze with it. However, if the way I styled the dress is too daring, one can opt for pairing it with a black slip under, what ever length you prefer. As well as a pair of pants with a black crop, and a pair of pumps. This Dress can even be worn as a bathing suit cover up. I absolutely LOVE. Have an amazing day, and go have some fun with falls new trends!
<3 Carol

Monday, August 11, 2014


Wearing: Taradise Fringe Purse, and Bracelets.

Spraying some Mastika to cool me off.

Wearing: Taradise Kimono

Wearing: Kimono, Bracelets, and Necklaces

Wearing: Taradise Swim, Headband, and Cover Up.

Taradise Swim

Swim, and Necklaces

Headpiece, Necklaces, and Swim

Happy Monday Loves!
A couple of weeks ago I got together with Taradise to shoot their Summer Collection, and let me just tell you that I loved the results, on top of the fact that I adore every single piece I shot, as well as what as the past collections. Taradise is a Grecian Boutique that offers One-of-a kind designs from the Islands of Chios. The Eye Bracelets are worn to give protection to those who wear them, on top of the fact that they are fabulous, and perfect to accessorize your every day look. The eye necklaces also give protection, and are perfect to add to your everyday "neck party". There are many different options from the darker eye, to long chains or short ones. Now lets talk headpieces, I fell in love once I put them on, I know most people tend to shy away from them because they feel as though they are too bold. I think these days we need to make a statement, and plus, style is all about taking risks. Don't be afraid to add some drama to your look. Now go try something new!

<3 Carol

Monday, August 4, 2014


Wearing: Please Don't Tell Top & Clutch, Vince Boyfriend Jeans, Tibi Pumps

Hello Darlings,
Gingham much like florals is an easy way to give your outfit that instant wow factor. This top is not only right on point with this summers trend, but it is also sheer and for those of you that live in Miami, we all know that Sheer = Lighter fabric (perfect for summer). However, this top can be worn in any season, it can be worn under a leather jacket or a blazer. I went for a laid back look with a pair of boyfriend jeans and white pumps, and added some fun with the clutch. However, it can also be paired with some shorts, or even with a skirt. Now go find yourself a Gingham piece to add to your closet!
<3 Carol