Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Culottes Case

Photos by: Gen from Gen&Gus
Wearing: Style Mafia Vest, Intermix Culottes, Zara Crop Top, Manolo Blahnik Heels

Culottes can be an intimidating piece to pull off, but before you wave your white flag, I'm here to give you some pointers on these trendy trousers. First, keep in mind that everything is about proportions, thus try to make sure you don't cut your legs in certain spots to make them look shorter. ( we all want legs for days ) However, I'm only 5 feet so, I need to pull out all the tricks in the book in order to elongate my body. In this case, I used the crop top and the vest as my little helpers. For those of you that are not comfortable with crop tops, don't worry, a button down and culottes look just as cool. If one  wants to go for the vest, as well, even a tank can work. In order to make the outfit more casual, switch the shoes out for a pair of flats or my favorites some sneakers. Hope you all enjoy your week!
<3 Carol

Friday, May 8, 2015

Cut it Out

Photo: Gen from Gen & Gus
Wearing: Style Mafia Dress, Abercombie & Fitch Denim Jacket, Robert Clergerie shoes, Tommy Hilfiger backpack, Illesteva Sunnies

Happy Friday!
Do you ever have days that you open your closet, its full of clothes yet still have nothing to wear? Yea, I feel like thats my constant struggle. But here I am helping you combat that issue. For this look, I took this ultra sexy cut out dress and made it a more casual, cool vibe by adding the creepers and the denim jacket. However, this dress can easily go from day into night, just pair it with a pair of pumps and you will be turning necks in this body-con. The best part of this dress is that its easy breezy, shows leg, and a sneak peek of the abs, what else can a girl want? Now get out there ladies, and enjoy your friday night!
<3 Carol

Friday, May 1, 2015


Photos by: Gen from Gen & Gus
Wearing: Style Mafia set, Robert Clergerie creepers, Tommy Hilfiger backpack, Illesteva Sunnies

Happy Friday!
Normally, I would shy away from polka dots because of the girly vibe they give off. However, this set was the perfect balance of feminine and the modern casual cool style I opt for. Naturally, I still had to add a little edge with the creepers and the backpack. One of my favorite things about sets is that you can also wear each part as separates! The sleeves on the top are to die, thus I would opt for some boyfriend jeans or a pair of culottes with some pumps. As for the skirt, a button down for a lady like look, or a crop top with some sneakers for a downtown feel. Enjoy your weekend Lovies!
<3 Carol