Thursday, July 31, 2014



Wearing: Zara Leather Crop, Style Mafia Skirt, Alice & Olivia Pumps

Photos by: Lauren Aguilar

Hi Loves!
Summer here in Miami is definitely extremely HOT. So I wanted to share with you this look which is perfect for the scorching heat we are experiencing. Not only is it fun, colorful, and trendy, but it is also extremely light. The skirts colors are perfect to make a statement, and not to mention it accentuates the waist perfectly. I decided to pair it with a crop top, since lets face it I love them. However, the skirt can also be paired with a simple white tee, or even opt for a more daring look and go for a print on print look. Additionally, I wore a pair of blue pumps but the skirt lends itself to other shoe options, for instance a pair of sneakers, sandals or any other color pump. As you all can see I just couldn't stop dancing around in this skirt, I felt so girly and fun. Now go have some fun and try a look like this one!
<3 Carol

Monday, July 28, 2014


Wearing: Style Mafia Dress, Chanel Chain Belt, Chanel Purse, Guiseppe Zanotti Shoes

Happy Monday!
Now that swim week is over, I can get back to business and post a little more. Here is some eye candy of this super chic little black dress. It is perfect for a date night, or even an event. Although it is summer, we tend to gravitate towards lighter colors, it is okay to wear black. In my case, I decided to accessorize the dress with a belt, the cinch at the waist helps accentuate my body and adds a little more flare. The dress can of course be worn without the belt, and add some color with a pair of colored pumps, or a colored purse. This frock made me feel so girly, that I could not help but to twirl in it. I think I spent most of the shoot just twirling, it is so much fun versatile, and perfect year round. Now go try a look like this one out!
<3 Carol

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Miami Swim Week 2014 Recap

Photo Courtesy of: Darkroom

Now that Swim Week is over I can finally go back to my regular schedule. But first, I thought I would share a couple of the pictures that I have managed to gather. Unfortunately I completely forgot to bring my own camera, thus all of the pictures in this post were not taken by me, but by other fabulous photogs. I did however cover most of the events I attended and posted on my Instagram . So check that out! With that being said, this was my first year attending swim week, and it was everything I expected and more, from amazing swim suits, fashionable people, and days filled with too many events to attend. As a first timer, I of course was determined to be present everywhere I was invited to ( that never happened) but I did attempt it. Anyway, enough of the talking, here are some pics!

Jacques Smith & Bianca Coletti Swim Show at Soho House

                                                       And now some of MY looks.

Wearing: Sandro Paris Top, Amilcar Ferrer Skirt, Miu Miu Pumps, and Illesteva Sunnies.
Photo by: Getty Images

Wearing: Zara Crop & Vest, Louis Vuitton Clutch, Superga Sneakers, Guess Shorts, Illesteva Sunnies
Photo By: Karla Garcia

Wearing: Gucci Top, BCBG Shorts, Sophia Webster Shoes.
Photo: Iphone

Wearing: Style Stalker Top and Shorts, Valentino Rockstud Pumps
Photo: Iphone

Wearing: Style Mafia Dress, Miu Miu Socks, YSL Pumps
Photo: Iphone

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Little White Dress

Wearing: Style Mafia Dress, Saint Laurent Purse, Tibi Pumps
Photography: LA Photography

So as most of you fellow Miamians may already know Swim Week is upon us, and if you did not know, now you do. As most of us in the industry are already going crazy because of the amount of events to attend, and how exciting this week is. I wanted to post a little bit of an outfit inspiration for this week because I know we all have a lot on our mind, and sometimes we just need a little help. This dress is perfect for Swim Week first, because it is a very unique piece, it is easy to slip on, the color is perfect for summer, and it lends itself for day and night. One can pair it with pumps, as I did or even wear a pair flats ( as I am seen holding) I went for an all white look, and added some color with my purse. However, don't feel restrained to style it that way, wear some color on your lips, or even your shoes! Anyway, sorry to cut this short but I have to get ready for the festivities! Have fun this week, and enjoy the bikinis, since here in Miami we need a million. And remember to check out Style Mafia for my dress, and all other amazing pieces.

<3 Carol

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Fashionably Laidback

Wearing:  Helmut Lang Tee, Zara Skirt, Chloe Booties, Illesteva Sunnies, Rag and Bone Hat, and Chanel Boy bag.

Hello Happy Thursday!
I want to apologize for the short absence from posting, but if you follow me on instagram you would know that I have been out of Miami, first, I went to Cabo San Lucas ( I will have the photo diary up as soon as I get my hands on all the pics) Then I went to Epcot, and ate more than I should have but hey! That is what vacations are for. Now, lets talk about this outfit. As soon as I got back to Miami it was back to business, I have been getting ready for swim week, so I had some meetings to attend. This outfit was the perfect fit. It is fashion forward, comfortable, summery and most importantly light, because here in Miami if it isn't raining then the sun is so hot you can fry an egg on the floor. I paired the skirt with a basic white tee and my booties to make it casual, however, the skirt can also be worn with a pair of heels, a crop and you have a perfect date night look. I loved the skirt as soon as I saw it specially because it was on sale, and because of how versatile it is. I hope you enjoyed this fun summer look!
<3 Carol

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day at The Falls

Hello Happy Tuesday!
Last week I was shown the true VIP treatment at the falls. My day started off with a lunch at Los Ranchos. I hope you enjoy my day, I urge you all to go into these stores and have an experience as great as I did!

I had some delish chicken fajitas YUM!

I later, went to origins for a mini facial. The skin specialist asked about what type of skin I had, and found the perfect products for me. She also explained how to take proper care of my skin, and set up an everyday skin care regimen.

I later, got my makeup done at Lancome, they gave me a beautiful natural look, with a red lip for a pop of color. So that I could be photoshoot ready for the polaroid bar!

The polaroid bar comes complete with a green room, which can also be used for private parties. On top of being able to take amazing pictures there one can take you're own pictures and create you're own polaroid picture even if you took them with a regular digital camera. The store is complete with many different picture frames perfect for gifts.