Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Day at The Falls

Hello Happy Tuesday!
Last week I was shown the true VIP treatment at the falls. My day started off with a lunch at Los Ranchos. I hope you enjoy my day, I urge you all to go into these stores and have an experience as great as I did!

I had some delish chicken fajitas YUM!

I later, went to origins for a mini facial. The skin specialist asked about what type of skin I had, and found the perfect products for me. She also explained how to take proper care of my skin, and set up an everyday skin care regimen.

I later, got my makeup done at Lancome, they gave me a beautiful natural look, with a red lip for a pop of color. So that I could be photoshoot ready for the polaroid bar!

The polaroid bar comes complete with a green room, which can also be used for private parties. On top of being able to take amazing pictures there one can take you're own pictures and create you're own polaroid picture even if you took them with a regular digital camera. The store is complete with many different picture frames perfect for gifts.