Friday, September 11, 2015


Photos: Gen
Wearing: Top- Custom Leotard by yours truly, American Apparel Skirt, Chanel Lace ups

Happy Friday!
Just like many of you, I've had a very long week and happy hour is necessary. Ladies, this outfit is a pretty sure way of standing out at a bar. While yes, your personality is what will ultimately land you a date after a night out with your girlfriends, it's your appearance that'll grab that first look from across the room (Amiright?)And although you probably know what clothes work best for you, something new never hurt anyone. Especially if the outfit in question will make you stand out that much more. This top is surely one way to get noticed, I don't have huge boobs but some skin always does the trick. Statement shoes, in my case the lace up, pointed toe will surely have people checking my feet out. And of course the skirt, its casual, cute, and flirty. Now get out there, search your closet for some similar pieces, and let me know how my theory works!
                                                                       <3 Carol