Thursday, February 21, 2013

Basics & Neon

Wearing: Callate La Boca printed tee from Madrid, Thrifted black Leather Shorts, Black Leather Ash Wedge Sneakers, Neon Personalized Cambridge Satchel

Jewlery: Jennifer Zuener Rose Gold Love Necklace, Saya Rose Gold Side Cross, Saya Rose Gold Pendant, Cartier Tank Watch, Zoois Rose Gold Spiked Bracelet

Accessories: YSL Black Aviator Glasses

So today was a fun filled day, I went to class and then met up with a friend for a sushi lunch date which was amazing! We went to my favorite spot! Then we went back to her place and baked some brownies, btw I'm OBSESSED with chocolate. Then we ended the day with some shots of my outfit. I was excited about the warmer weather, but not so excited about the humidity and my hair. Anyway, I aways dress comfortably for class due to walking on campus. Hope you all enjoy. Remember leave comments on any questions you may have!
                                                              Love, Carol <3