Monday, April 15, 2013

Dare to Bare Your Mid Drift

Wearing: LF White Crop Top, Alice and Olivia Spring Green Silk Trousers, Prada Napa Gaufre Large Clutch, Yves Saint Laurent Black Tribute Pump
Jewlery: Cartier Tank Watch, Cartier Rose Gold Love Ring, Cartier Rose Gold Love Bracelet
I'm all about fun trends this spring! I am obsessed with mid drift bearing tops, and fun colors, specially because here in Miami the weather is always perfect for it, yet this night in particular it was a little windy. I wore this outfit for dinner, and then I was invited to a little lounge for some dancing. This outfit seemed perfect for both events, fun and trendy, yet still elegant enough for a dinner since I could lower the pants a little, or higher them to show less skin. Also, my top was extremely high in these pictures due to the wind, I promise I wasn't revealing that much all night. Anyway, I apologize for the photos not being too detailed, but as we were taking these shots a cop told us that we were not allowed on the park after dark, so I had to sneak a couple! SHHHH
Happy Monday!
<3 Carol