Friday, June 14, 2013

Crown Braid

Wearing: Zara Purple Linen Blouse, Zara Neon Yellow Shorts, Chanel Espadrilles, Chanel Sunnies, Chanel Quilted Shoulder Bag, Jennifer Zuener Necklaces, Along with my usual Arm party

Hey all! I apologize for disappearing but I have been a little sick lately, so yesterday I decided to make it a point to get my hair done, put some makeup on and get out. Every time I am not feeling well I like to dress up in bright color because to me it makes me feel like I look healthier. It is silly but I think that everyone has their own little beliefs. Nonetheless, summer in Miami is extremely hot so I decided to put on a linen purple blouse with some neon yellow shorts, lately my shirts have been to long for my shorts to show but I guess thats okay. I then put on my little side bag and I could not forget my favorite chanel espadrilles probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. And I added the orange lip for some more fun. I had to keep it cool and simple because otherwise I would probably melt. 
Hope you all enjoy my fun little look, and you are having a great week!
<3 Carol