Monday, June 9, 2014


Wearing: Helmut Lang Assymetrical Knitted Sweater, Abercombie Shorts, Celine Booties, Gucci men's Handkerchief. 

Happy Monday!
First, I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Last week I had a little Mini Shoot with my babe Lauren. I went for this look because clearly I am a fan of the all black look, and I wanted to show how black can still be done in the summer. I know that us women, once summer comes along feel pressured to have our "bikini body" but don't worry if you don't feel 100 precent one day, you can still opt for a look with darker hues. With that being said, this top is one of my favorites, simply because it can be worn all year round, with a tank-top under, with a blazer over, with a skirt, pants,  it is versatile AND it makes a statement. I paired it with some denim shorts because I wanted to go for a cooler vibe, and I wanted to accentuate it's cool cut. Another surprising accessory that is okay to wear in the summer are booties, in my case I wore them to give the look some edge. Finally, I wore a mens handkerchief around my neck to give the look some flare, and add a little color. So, there you have it, an all black look for summer, also don't be afraid to experiment with looking a little undone, as you can see my hair was a little messy, in my opinion it just makes the look a little cooler.
<3 Carol