Monday, January 20, 2014

Stripes & Vests

Wearing: Vintage Vest, J.Crew Striped Sweater, Zara Distressed Pants, Celine Booties

Happy MLK day!
This week in Miami has actually been a little cold, and lets just say I have not missed an opportunity to wear my winter gear, as well as a chance to put on my new Celines! I am completely gaga over them, they are the absolute perfect boot, they are casual yet have a perfect heel to turn from day into night! This outfit was perfect for a cold day in Miami, fun simple yet chic. I adore the mix in colors, still makes a statement while sticking to my usual "basics". Anyway, I hope you Miami folk are enjoying this little cold front we have, and for those of you who actually have seasons, i envy you a little,but heres a cute little outfit choice for you as well!
<3 Carol