Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Work Wear

Wearing: Gap Button down blouse, Theory Leather Skirt, Prada Loafers, Miu Miu Sunnies, Vintage Purse, and J.Crew Necklace.

Happy Hump day!
Yesterday I was spending the day studying for my LSAT, thus I decided I wanted to dress the part. I wore a button down and a leather skirt, not exactly something one would wear to go into the office given that my skirt was short. But hey, I always have to add some spice to my look. I decided to leave the blouse open so you could see the skirt better, and added the necklace for some sparkle. I told you I was going to try and change up my purse so I did! hope you are proud! This outfit, is fun chic, and kind of conservative. Have a great day!
<3 Carol