Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Fling

Wearing: Zara top, Zara shorts, Balenciaga Sandals, and Balenciaga handbag

Happy Thursday!
The days here in Miami lately have been absolutely beautiful, so I decided to take the opportunity and explore this beautiful city. While I was doing so, I decided to wear all white because I simply could not resist dressing like spring time. On top of the fact that I was itching to break in my new Balenciaga sandals and what better to pair them with than with my super bright red Balenciaga handbag to add some color and flare to the look. I kept it very simply because I loved the cut of the top and I wanted my sandals and bag to be the center of attention so I didnt wear any necklaces ( I know so not me ) But we have to switch it up from time to time. I am super excited that Spring has arrived, I love layering but it gets quite exhausting after a while, now its back to easy breezy looks, and one step dressing I can't wait! Anyway, I hope you all are enjoying spring! An ladies if you are on Spring break this look is perfect for a lunch date or even spending the day on the beach! 
<3 Carol