Monday, April 13, 2015

Bunz & Bindis

Photos: Vee
Hair & Makeup: iBrushyou
Wearing: TAGVIN safari dress, Stan smith Adidas, Bhoom Shanti Bindis

And on the fifth day we put some Buns on it. Yesterdays look was possibly one of my favorites, the bindis made me feel like a pretty princess. Not to mention that I love buns, these last couple of days I have learned so many different hair styles that I never thought my short hair could even do! For my outfit I went with this safari oversized dress, and my favorite sneakers for a simple look. I spent the day at soho house with some of my girlfriends so the outfit was perfect for the occasion. At night I attended an event for Colgate at the epic hotel, I transformed the outfit into an evening one by putting on my pumps and socks from last weeks post, and pairing it with my Chanel wallet on a chain. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of that look, but heeey that just means I can repeat it and share! Say tuned for todays final hair and makeup look!
<3 Carol