Sunday, April 12, 2015

CornRows & Face Paint

Photos: Vee
Hair & Makeup: iBrushyou
Wearing: Zara Crop Top, Alexis Pants, Christian Louboutin Shoes

Who remembers going away on vacation with their parents and begging to get their hair braided? I for sure was one of those girls, if I did not come back home with a head full of braids then I felt as if I had not gone on vacation. So, today Vee and I decided to hook me up with some cornrows because I have been craving a vacation. ( also they are pretty cool ) My outfit was quite simple, well because my hair and makeup was way to amazing to outshine. However, my pants are essential for us short girls because they allow for some serious platforms to be hidden under those bells, I paired them with a crop top, but they can be worn with just about any color plain top. Sidenote: have you all noticed that in every one of these posts they have caught me taking a selfie? Ha! Stay tuned loves!
<3 Carol