Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stay Golden

Photos: ThinkRedinc
Hair & Makeup: iBrushyou
Wearing: Vintage Denim Jacket, LF Dress, Levi Shorts, Sam Edelman Shoes, Jennifer Behr Crown, ZLeurope BackPack.

You guys! Coachella has officially started, I may be in Miami but my mind is in Palm Springs. However, for those of you that are enjoying the festivities and don't know what to wear here you are! It's easy breezy, during the day you can be in the dress, and at night put the denim jacket over. And of course stand out with Gold flakes in your hair, now how amaze is that. Also, did you guys get to peep my adorable little helper? Yesterday was take your child to work day and she was there with Yoana from ThinkRedINC. Let me tell you, her pictures were pretty amazing, I might just have to hire her! We've been having so much fun with this project, getting creative and just providing you all with some different looks! I can't wait to share what is in store for today!
<3 Carol