Friday, April 10, 2015


Photos: Cristy
Hair & Makeup: iBrushyou
Wearing: Style Mafia Top, Levi Denim Shorts, YSL Pumps, Miu Miu Socks, Chanel Purse

Spring is all about refreshing your wardrobe, and trying on something new. Therefore, that is exactly what we are going for with these daily inspirations, yesterday we did Coachella, today we are bringing you some Mod/Glam. Black and white are my two favorite colors to wear, simply because they can be mismatched in several ways and make the sam piece look fresh every time. As for the top, I went for a fun route with the socks, and denim shorts. However, if you're not feeling "bold" or simply have another occasion to attend, the hair and top lend itself to a more dressy feel. Simply pair the top with some black or white trousers and there you have it you are ready for a formal event in an incredibly fashion forward manner. Enjoy and stay tuned!
<3 Carol